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Medical Negligence Can Lead To Lifelong Developmental Disabilities

The anticipation of an upcoming birth is a cherished and exciting time for parents. For months, years and even lifetimes, many parents dream of having children and a healthy, happy family. Unfortunately, the dreams of a small but significant number of families are shattered when they discover their child has a developmental disability or other birth injury caused by medical malpractice.

At Leemon + Royer, PLLC, our attorneys provide compassionate, committed representation to families whose children suffered a brain injury during birth, which caused a developmental delay or disability. If your child is developmentally disabled due to a birth injury, contact our firm by calling 866-248-3845. We can discuss your case in a free consultation.

What Are Some Causes Of Birth Injuries?

Call it parental intuition — a lot of mothers and fathers know when something has gone wrong during the birthing process. However, their intuitions can be clouded by doctors and nurses who deny any wrongdoing. In some cases, while the hospital and doctors try to protect their reputations and practices by covering up their mistakes, the parents wait for some sort of explanation as to why their baby or toddler isn’t acting normally.

Our firm handles developmental and brain injury cases caused by the following:

  • Failure to deliver on time or prolonged labor
  • Delayed C-section or failure to timely perform a C-section
  • Umbilical cord around neck and resulting brain injury
  • Failure to monitor the fetus for fetal distress during labor and delivery
  • Injuries caused by forceps or other instruments
  • Hypoxia or asphyxia during birth (lack of oxygen)

At Leemon + Royer, PLLC, we have the deepest sympathy for the parents of children who have sustained brain injuries before, during or after birth. Due to doctor or hospital negligence, a child may be unable to reach his or her fullest potential in life. We work hard to produce optimal results in each case, seeking compensation to cover a lifetime of suffering.

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