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A Physician’s Failure To Diagnose Often Results In Devastating Outcomes

Doctors and other medical professionals are supposed to identify and treat recognizable illnesses, conditions and diseases. However, failure to diagnose a disease in its early stages can result in the loss of precious time and treatment options. The result can be serious harm to the patient or death.

The attorneys of Leemon + Royer, PLLC, have extensive experience in medical malpractice cases, including:

  • Failure to diagnose cancer
  • Failure to diagnose heart disease and heart conditions
  • Failure to diagnose metabolic imbalances
  • Failure to diagnose mental illness
  • And other acts of medical negligence

Our firm has earned a reputation in Washington state and throughout the Northwest for our abilities in such cases. We understand how to investigate and manage complex medical malpractice suits and frequently team with other law firms to seek justice and compensation for victims of negligence.

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Over 35 Years Of Experience Building Strong And Persuasive Cases

Failure to diagnose cases and medical malpractice cases are almost always highly contested. Such cases are also highly complex and require resources beyond those typically found at a personal injury law firm. The attorneys and staff at Leemon + Royer, PLLC, have practiced in the field of medical malpractice for over 35 years. We are highly knowledgeable in medical malpractice cases and supplement our abilities with those of leading medical experts and specialists from across the country. We are aggressive, persistent and always focused on success.

Our goal is to build a strong and persuasive case based on unimpeachable medical science and the law.

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