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Help For Victims Of Sex Abuse And Molestation

Sexual misconduct is all too common in our society. For years, this type of assault was ignored or discounted, often because the abused was too afraid or ashamed to come forward. More recently, however, we have seen that confronting an abuser in court is the best way to keep them from assaulting others and to make those who may be tempted to make similar assaults aware of both the wrongness of the act and the possible consequences. Abused persons are also entitled to claim financial compensation for their losses and suffering.

At Leemon + Royer, PLLC, we help obtain justice and compensation for victims of sexual misconduct. Our firm represents persons who have suffered injuries due to:

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Though you may have been a victim of sexual misconduct or abuse, you do not have to remain victimized. The justice and compensation we obtain may help you recover and move forward in life in a positive way.

Justice And Compensation For Those Who Experienced Abuse Or Sexual Molestation

Our firm has a history of success obtaining justice and compensation for victims of sexual abuse, intentional harmful acts and negligence. Our attorneys understand how to build a strong case and present it in court in a compelling manner. If you are the survivor of sexual abuse or assault, we can help you fight back.

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