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Is your brain injury ever going to heal?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2023 | Victims of Violent Crime

As someone else committed a criminal act, their actions cause you to suffer from a traumatic brain injury. For example, maybe you were simply in a gas station when someone tried to rob it, they pushed you over, and you struck your head on the tile floor. Or perhaps you were assaulted by an intoxicated individual outside of a bar because they didn’t like the way that you looked at them. 

There are countless ways in which you could be injured by someone who is being reckless and acting in a criminal manner. But as you move past the event itself, you may start wondering why the symptoms of your brain injury have not entirely gone away. Is it going to heal?

Some injuries can never heal completely

It depends on the extent of your injury, for one thing. Some injuries are considered more minor, such as concussions, and they may heal in time. But there are other situations in which concussion symptoms can last for months, so don’t assume that these aren’t dangerous.

Plus, if there has been severe damage to the point that brain cells have been damaged or even killed, then your brain needs to find new neural pathways so that you don’t lose specific skills. It can sometimes do this, but it doesn’t always identify the correct pathway, or they may not exist. Since your brain also can’t regenerate the cells that died, it has no other option to repair the brain in the same way that it would repair a bone or a layer of skin.

These types of injuries can be very expensive, so be sure you know exactly what steps to take.