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How to identify the symptoms of bone cancer

It is important for individuals to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of serious diseases in order to seek treatment early and in order to have the best chance of curing the disease. Washington residents may be interested in learning about the signs and symptoms of bone cancer in order to seek care as soon as possible. When patients are familiar with some of these symptoms, they can work closely with their doctor and potentially prevent a misdiagnosis.

Doctors frequently fail to identify painful skin condition HS

Hidradenitis suppurativa, or HS, is a painful and progressive skin disease that afflicts approximately 1 in 100 people. Although it is not classified as a rare disease, people in Washington suffering from the skin lesions and boils associated with HS will likely encounter physicians who do not recognize the disease. A survey of patients showed that 64% of them had to see five or more physicians before an accurate HS diagnosis occurred. The mean amount of time that people spent struggling with HS before diagnosis equaled 10 years.

Long-time mold infestation caused 6 deaths at Seattle Children’s

Children’s hospitals across the country are places where families can seek professional and dependable treatment for their sick or injured child. Staff members work tirelessly to ensure that their young patients receive the attention and care they require. But what happens when the hospital itself is a veritable threat to a child’s health?

How implicit bias may lead to medical misdiagnoses

Every year, some 12 million Americans are incorrectly diagnosed by a doctor, and bad judgment is behind much of it. One study analyzed 55,377 medical malpractice claims and found that 86% were due to errors in judgment. Washington residents should know that these errors can stem from gaps in the doctor's knowledge, inattention and, perhaps most crucially, implicit bias.

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