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Holding a government agency liable for negligence

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2022 | Victims of Violent Crime

Usually, when you suffer damages from the negligence of another person or entity, you can file a lawsuit against them and recover compensation. But, what if the negligent party is a government agency? Can you still sue for damages?

The short answer is yes. You may be entitled to compensation if you suffer harm or losses due to negligence by a government agency

When can this happen?

Several scenarios can give rise to negligence by a government agency. For instance, you may be the victim of a crime committed by a paroled criminal who was released but not well monitored, or your child suffered injuries from an unsafe daycare center operating without a license and not routinely inspected by authorities.

In such cases, the relevant government bodies can be held responsible for failing to discharge their duties as required by law.

What damages can you recover?

The damages you can recover from a negligent government agency are similar to other personal injury claims made against private individuals or entities. You can recover lost wages, medical bills, the pain and suffering you endured or even the lower quality of life caused by your injuries. It is crucial to ensure that the settlement you agree to or receive is adequate to cover the full scope of your damages.

The importance of legal assistance

Besides the legal aspects of a personal injury claim, there are specific procedures that you must follow when suing a government agency. You cannot afford any mistakes as they could derail or hurt your chances of recovering the compensation you deserve.