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Hospital understaffing can lead to negligence and patient harm

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

Hospital patients count on medical professionals to do what they can to address the health issue that landed them there. While most doctors and nurses take their duties very seriously, there are times when patients might not get the care they need.

While there are many reasons for this, understaffing is one that can have a negative impact on patient care. Understaffing can mean that staff members are fatigued and can’t provide top-notch care. They may be trying to care for more patients than they can handle. Some might not be eating or getting enough sleep, which may lead to poor choices.

Why does understaffing occur?

Many hospitals are for-profit organizations. This means that they have to take steps to ensure that they’re making money and not spending more on expenses than what’s coming in. They may rely on staffing models that are based on minimal patient occupancy, but even a small surge in patients could lead to staffing problems.

Even in not-for-profit hospitals, staffing issues can occur. Burnout is an issue in the health care industry, so hospitals sometimes have trouble with filling open positions. This can lead to a shortage of available personnel. It’s possible to use staffing companies or temporary agencies sometimes. However, the patients still might not receive the care they need or expect because of a lack of formal training within the hospital system.

Any patient who suffers harm because of negligence may face serious health problems that require medical attention. It’s simply unacceptable that anyone has to deal with this. Victims may choose to seek compensation for the expenses and damages they’re facing because of the harm.