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What is a robbery gone wrong?

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2021 | Victims of Violent Crime

You sometimes see stories about individuals who have been injured or even killed in a so-called “robbery gone wrong.” This may seem like a strange term since the idea of having your home or business robbed at all seems very wrong. What does the term denote? 

Typically, it means that the thieves never meant to harm anyone. They probably just did not think anyone was home. When they discovered that someone was, it escalated the situation and led to unplanned injuries. 

These encounters are not the goal

While homeowners often consider how to protect themselves if someone breaks in, the reality is that those who want to rob a home absolutely prefer it to be empty. They don’t want a confrontation. It just increases the risk for them and increases the odds that the police will be called. If they think you’re home, they often will not even approach your house. 

That said, the thieves may carry weapons with them just in case. Being surprised by a homeowner who suddenly opens a bedroom door can lead to physical violence in what was originally intended to just be a property crime. That is when the whole thing is referred to as a robbery gone wrong. 

What can you do if you were injured?

If you suffered injuries in this manner, the criminal charges against the perpetrators don’t help you with medical bills, lost wages and other costs. You may need to know what options you have to seek proper financial compensation, as well. You can often do this regardless of the outcome of the criminal case.