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The sometimes tragic results from childbirth injuries

The news was unexpected. A childbirth injury has led to health complications for your newborn infant. You thought that you were in trusted hands with the medical team that delivered your baby. During your pregnancy, you took many precautions to ensure that your baby would be healthy in your womb.

However, you and your family were not prepared for what happened. Many childbirth injuries to the infant and the mother are preventable. Examples include oxygen deprivation to a child’s brain or blood clots and hemorrhaging in the mother. In many cases, negligence by the medical staff contributed to such injuries that may lead to a lifetime of difficulty.

Brain injury to infant, heart failure to mother

Here are some of the types of injuries that may occur during childbirth:

  • Brain injury to the infant due to oxygen deprivation. This can happen to premature infants. Another cause may be due to the umbilical cord prolapse or wrapping around the infant’s neck. The injury may lead to ongoing seizures and cerebral palsy.
  • Infant nerve damage, which could potentially lead to the inability to move arms and hands. Another injury: facial paralysis.
  • Fractures to the infant during stressful childbirth. Sometimes, this injury is caused by birth-assisting tools when a physician pulls excessively hard during delivery.
  • Hemorrhages in the mother and bleeding on the brain, which also may prove fatal.
  • Serious vaginal tears, loss of uterus and other internal injuries to the mother.
  • Heart failure, blood clots and strokes leading to debilitating or fatal injuries to the mother.

Childbirth injuries often lead to tragic outcomes. Families face newfound and unexpected challenges as a result. You went into the delivery room with a sense of trust, but now you leave it with a sense of heartache, pain and disgust. It is time to remedy this situation as best as you can by pursuing legal action.