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When a doctor’s failure to perform a timely C-Section is malpractice

Every mother dreams of having the perfect birth and taking her new baby home from the hospital without a hitch. It’s a sad reality that some form of birth complication happens in a large number of births, ranging from inconsequential to catastrophic. Sometimes, a vaginal birth just isn’t possible, and the medical team has to perform a C-Section in order to ensure the safety of the mother and of the baby.

Why a C-Section is necessary

It’s the medical staff’s job to constantly monitor the vital signs of both the mother and baby during the entire birth process. If there are signs of distress, such as when the baby isn’t getting enough oxygen, the medical team can initiate a C-Section immediately to save the baby – hopefully before they suffer major damage.

If a C-Section becomes necessary but the medical team doesn’t notice in time, the baby can suffer from a lack of oxygen and other problems. These complications can result in a lifetime of medical issues, including cerebral palsy. Medical negligence of this sort can even lead to death.

When it’s malpractice

In order to hold a doctor or medical team responsible for medical malpractice associated with your birth injury, your attorney will have to show a number of things. First, they will have to show that you or your child suffered an injury.

Next, they will have to show that there is a generally acceptable standard of care that reasonably careful doctors meet, that would have prevented your injury. For example, they would show that reasonably careful doctors would have recognized the complication and the need for a C-Section in your case, which would have prevented the harm that you or your baby suffered.

Finally, they would have to connect the dots, and show that the medical team’s failure to perform a timely C-Section was the cause of the injury. If they can successfully show those things, then it’s likely that you could be successful in a medical malpractice suit.

There’s no amount of monetary compensation that can make up for a birth injury. But a successful medical malpractice suit can go a long way in helping you to deal financially with the consequences of birth injuries caused by failure to perform a timely C-Section.