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Child allegedly sexually assaulted; man arrested and charged

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2020 | Victims of Violent Crime

Any allegation of sexual assault must be taken seriously in Washington State, but these crimes are especially troubling when the victim is a child. People who take advantage of a situation in which they are caring for children or who go so far as to seek out a random victim and commit a sex-based crime will undoubtedly face an arrest, charges and the possibility of harsh penalties for a conviction. Still, people who were victimized or have a child who was sexually abused may also have legal recourse against the perpetrator. Understanding the necessary steps for a legal filing is a key aspect of a successful claim.

Child inappropriately touched while mother was at work

A woman who went to work and left a 32-year-old man who works as a corrections officer with her daughter was informed that he had touched her inappropriately. This resulted in him being arrested and charged with child rape. The child was asleep when the attack happened. The girl told her mother what occurred and she called the police. There is also said to be a recording of the woman confronting the man about the incident, him admitting it happened and telling the mother not to report it.

Legal protections are available for victims and their loved ones

While people who are accused of crimes are given the opportunity to have legal representation and defend themselves, the victims are often forgotten. This is especially challenging when the victim is a child. A sexual assault on a child can result in myriad problems physically, emotionally and mentally. To help those negatively impacted by these crimes, there are treatments that might be needed. Having a strategy and gathering evidence are essential from the start.

Those who have been sexually abused or have a loved one – specifically a child – who endured this mistreatment should be cognizant of their alternatives to seek compensation from the person who committed the act. Calling for legal assistance and representation from a firm that has experience in all areas of crime victim litigation may be a fundamental part of a successful claim and holding the person responsible for what they did.