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Man arrested for sexual assault during massages of female clients

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Sexual Misconduct

A 38-year-old man working as a massage therapist is accused of committing sexual assault with female clients. The man worked in several locations throughout Washington State. He is charged with indecent liberties and second-degree rape. He confessed to sexual relationships with more than 20 women while he worked on them. However, he asserts the women were willing participants. He also said that he touched them suggestively to gauge whether they were open to a sexual encounter.

The women stated that the man crossed the line and they did not want that type of relationship. One says that he raped her. The man was investigated after a woman told a friend that he behaved inappropriately during the massage. When speaking to police, she said she was unsure of what to do after the initial incident and was frightened. However, she wanted to prevent him from doing it again and spoke out. There were previous sexual assault investigations against him in 2016 and 2017, but charges were not filed. Other women came forward, including the woman who claimed to have been raped when she fell asleep during the massage. The massage therapist was subsequently arrested.

Sex-based violations can warrant legal compensation

People who trust others to behave in an aboveboard and professional manner in settings where physical touch is necessary can be violated. Frequently, victims are unaware that there has been any illegal behavior taking place or they are worried about how they will be perceived if they report it. But victims can be physically and emotionally scarred by the experience, and it is important that these victims be aware of their rights to seek compensation through crime victim litigation. After reporting an incident and after the alleged perpetrator is arrested, there are steps that can be taken to recover compensation. Consult with a firm that understands sexual misconduct to pursue a legal filing.