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Third-party liability for physical and emotional abuse

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Victims of Violent Crime

Victims who have been physically or emotionally abused should not fear coming forward. When a clergy member, government employee, caretaker, therapist, teacher or other trusted professional has violated the victim’s trust, they may be liable for the harm suffered by the victim through the civil litigation process.

Legal resources can hold those responsible accountable and assist victims with receiving the help they need. Victims of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of clergy members or others, including sexual abuse, and other types of physical and emotional abuse may be entitled to receive compensation for the physical, financial and emotional damages.

Victims of physical and emotional abuse in certain settings may be able to bring a claim for damages against a third party who bears some degree of responsibility for the harm they have suffered. Employers who fail to properly screen or supervise employees, for instance, may be liable for negligent hiring and retention and the physical and emotional abuses caused by the employee. Those who may be liable can include businesses, government entities and hospitals, among others.

Victims of physical or emotional abuse can suffer the impacts of the abuse they have suffered for years and even for a lifetime. Suffering abuse can cause victims to face substance abuse, depression and other emotional impairment. In addition, victims may also face challenges for example maintaining employment or in their personal relationships. Victims of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of those they understandably trusted should be aware that experienced attorneys are there to help.