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Inadequate security measures prove harmful to the public

Getting to and leaving from your workplace should be a safe routine. So should a downtown trip with friends to a local hotspot for a night-time dinner, event or celebration. But abruptly and unexpectedly, routines can go awry when security measures are not in place or simply ignored by the parties responsible for providing them.

A walk through a parking ramp or stairwell should not lead to an attack or assault, leading to life-threatening injuries. However, these incidents continue to occur, and many of them are potentially preventable with the right and proper deterrents in place.

Assaults and attacks not uncommon

Many locations are susceptible to security breakdowns that lead to unsafe situations. Retail venues, parking ramps, entrances and exits, stairwells as well as apartment and condominium complexes are just some of them. Unsuspecting members of the public or building residents may find themselves in threatening situations that may lead to robbery, assault and serious injuries. They become crime victims.

Inadequate security often is at root of these attacks, and they may include:

  • Poor lighting that provides instant cover for criminals seeking victims to attack and mug.
  • Lack of or inoperable security cameras, which usually are quick deterrents and aid in helping capture assailants.
  • No presence of security guards. Having someone patrolling on foot or in a vehicle is an essential and visible crime deterrent.
  • No emergency telephones available. Although today many people rely on smartphones, the presence of an emergency phone can provide a sense of security.
  • Unregulated entrances and exits leading to an array of suspicious people coming and going without any hindrances.

Building owners and their property management companies remain responsible for the security of their respective facilities. The public needs to be safe, and that includes you and anyone else walking through these areas.