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Family awarded $15.1 million in birth injury suit

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2020 | Birth Injuries

Washington residents might be interested to learn that a female Army veteran and her family recently were awarded $15.1 million in a lawsuit against the federal government. The woman, who served in the Army for three years, was stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky.

According to news sources, the woman gave birth to her son at Blanchfield Army Community Hospital vaginally after having had a C-section. Before birth, her son suffered from a hypoxic-ischemic injury to his brain, which caused cerebral palsy and neurological deficits. He is reportedly confined to a wheelchair and is unable to speak. The woman claimed that she did not receive proper counseling before choosing to have a vaginal birth. She had reportedly suffered from placental insufficiency during her prior pregnancy, which is a condition in which not enough oxygen is provided to the fetus by the placenta during birth. Because of that, she had a C-section.

The court found that the hospital did not take her medical history into proper consideration. It also found that if the hospital had considered her medical history, the injuries to her son would have not occurred. The award of $15.1 million was for various damages, including past and future medical care, lost wages, permanent impairment, loss of the ability to enjoy life, and suffering.

Injuries during birth can be devastating for families and can leave children suffering from lifelong disabilities. Parents whose children suffer permanent injuries because of the negligence of health care professionals might want to consult with experienced medical malpractice attorneys. The lawyers might review the medical records to determine whether the injuries appear to have resulted from medical negligence and provide a fair assessment of the merits of the claim. If the lawyers agree to accept the cases, they could work to recover compensation for their clients.