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Types of nursing home abuse and their warning signs

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Firm News

Deciding to move your parent out of their home and into a care facility can be a tough decision. You want to be able to depend on the staff at the facility to take care of your parents when they cannot do it on their own anymore.

Unfortunately, not all facilities treat the elderly in an appropriate manner. In Americans over the age of 60, one in 10 face abuse. There are multiple different forms of abuse and also ways to spot each type.


This is a common form of elder abuse. When a staff member leaves a resident unattended, not caring for their daily needs, it is a form of abuse. Signs of this type of abuse are lack of hygiene from not getting bathed or cleaned daily, or bedsores from not getting up and moving around, or if they are confined to a bed, not getting rotated.

Emotional Abuse

When a nursing home staff member or other resident is emotionally abusing your parent or loved one, they may experience verbal harassment or threats. If your parent is withdrawing into themselves, they may be experiencing emotional abuse.

Physical Abuse

While it may be hard to imagine, some elderly individuals experience physical abuse from their caretakers. When visiting your parents, you may want to watch out for unexplained bruises or possible broken bones.

Sexual abuse

Elders who experience sexual abuse may exhibit similar signs of emotional or physical abuse. This can be hard to spot. These individuals may be experiencing unwanted touching or being forced to do sexual things they do not want to.

You want your parents and loved ones to be as comfortable as possible, especially if they are new to a nursing home facility. Keeping an eye out for any possible signs of abuse is a good idea.